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Written by on 17/05/2019

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Today, readers are responding to news that the RCMP investigation that led to a criminal charge against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman was set in motion by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was furious at the leak of classified cabinet deliberations involving a $668-million naval supply ship contract

Leaks of confidential information are common in Ottawa but rarely does the Prime Minister get involved in summoning the RCMP to investigate.



There is a distinct pattern emerging here. It is always “Trudeau had nothing to do with it,” and then we later find out it was Trudeau all along. The man is on the way out, but it still speaks volumes to exactly what kind of leader we’ve had for the last four years. Considering the animosity towards Harper, the man wouldn’t have lasted for ten years , if he had done half the things Trudeau has done. However it is telling that Trudeau has managed to achieve a higher level of dislike in four years than Harper did in 10.

Jeff_Calgary in response:

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Asking for a potential breaking of the law to be investigated is not a problem in my book. The Tories sitting on the exonerating information is what is bad in this case.


I’m no fan of Trudeau, but bureaucrats leaking what’s supposed to be secret doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. There’s got to be some confidence in the system no matter who’s at the helm – Harper or Trudeau – or Andrew Scheer.

Layla4 in response:

I’d have more confidence in “the system” if the Liberals didn’t keep shutting down committee investigations into itself.


So Trudeau correctly asks that the source of the leak be found and prosecuted, then the RCMP says it’s these two guys, Norman and Matchett. And the ball starts rolling. Where’s the interference?

Excellent investigative reporting by Robert Fife and Janice Dickson, reporting that makes for compelling reading. This report disposes of the lie that the PMO had nothing to do with the RCMP investigation. My hope is that the other media report these important findings to Canadians. Globe and Mail, keep digging for the truth. There is more to be unearthed.


I am really getting tired of Liberals defending our PM. He has shown himself to be cynical, pompous, and unethical. It’s getting to a point now where liberals are defending Justin Trudeau just so that the conservatives don’t win in October.

Judith M.:

I can only speak for myself, but I defend our Prime Minister and the MPs representing their constituents because I believe they are our best choice to govern at this time. It’s as simple as that. If you can’t cope with people having different ideas on the abilities of different parties you are going to become exhausted by the time the election happens in October.


Yet more evidence that Justin Trudeau was above board in this matter and the Conservatives are determined to waste Parliament’s time. Trying to frustrate an effort to open a sole sourced contract to competitive bidding reeks of corruption and Trudeau was completely justified in asking the Privy Council to investigate the source of this leak. The questions that still need to be answered are 1) what relationship did the Conservatives have with Davie before awarding them a sole sourced contract in a province they were actively courting votes in 2) whose pocket was Norman in when he tried to frustrate opening the contract up by leaking the cabinet discussions and 3) why didn’t the RCMP put a legally air tight case together now that it’s obvious Norman was the source of the leak? These are worthy of Parliament’s time.

Freshycat in response:

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Freshycat in response:

So many questions, and yet the Liberal majority again shut down an inquiry so Canadians can’t have them answered.

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