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Two benchmark U.S. stock indexes are careening toward a historically bad December.

The entire West Coast is under some sort of advisory for wave or wind action.

He won’t be participating in his family’s annual Boxing Day tradition.

The UEFA Champions League knockout stage draw happened today. Sixteen teams found out their next opponent on the road to the final. How pot-holed of a road did …

An Ohio police officer told a teenager “you’re welcome” in an open letter on Facebook Sunday after issuing the 18-year-old a speeding ticket on State Route 10.

A familiar character has been confirmed as playable in the long-anticipated sequel.

Nick Foles is getting handsomely rewarded every time he makes a start for the Eagles

Adam McKay’s Vice opens in 1963 in Casper, Wyoming, as the young, puffy, and whoopingly drunk Dick Cheney (Christian Bale) is about to be arrested for driving under the influence for the second time in a year. After losing his scholarship to Yale, he has retu…

The U.S. bank and two of its former bankers face criminal charges in connection with Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal, which involves billions of dollars allegedly stolen from a development fund.

إعداد – سيد صالح عضت أفعى كبيرة الحجم من فصيلة «ملك الكوبرا» السامة ذراع مروّضها في أحد العروض الحية على المسرح لترويض

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