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Sony recently launched My PS4 Life, personalized videos highlighting the games people played and the trophies they won in 2018. But, one Reddit user said they reveal more information than Sony prob…

Russian and Chinese scientists say high-frequency radio waves from a Russian research facility are capable of causing sudden and significant temperature increases in Earth’s upper atmosphere.

TDSB spokesperson Ryan Bird said it appears the boy attempted to slide down a stair railing and accidentally fell “eight to ten steps” to the landing below.

Mobile World Congress 2019 is scheduled for Feb. 25 to 28.

Contracted sale of armoured vehicles is worth C$14.8bn but pressure to cancel follows outrage over Khashoggi killing and Yemen war

The rumor mill has the Edmonton Oilers sniffing around the Chicago Blackhawks in hopes of acquiring an upgrade to their defense. The Edmonton Oilers are ri…

Two new reports detail how purported Russian trolls used social media to target with laser-like precision African-Americans before the 2016 election.

The circumstances of Jakelin Caal Maquin’s death are being seized upon as evidence both for and against the Trump administration’s hardline approach to immigration

Ominous-sounding death crosses have been cropping up in the stock market like weeds, with the latest—and arguably, the last important such cross—about to take hold in the Dow.

It’s appearing increasingly likely that Congress and the White House will get a partial government shutdown just in time for Christmas.

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