Nadina – Shwaya W’hata2

Nadina – Shwaya W’hata2
Arabic Lyrics: Ramadan Mohamed
English Lyrics: Nadina
Music: Benoo
Arrangement: Hadi Massara

My first Egyptian and English fusion track.
(Lyrics below)

Shwaya W’hata2 is about accepting challenges and realizing that they happen. Life is full of challenges with many ups and downs and we all go through this in one way or the other. In my song, I face the fact that I am passing through this state and that I need a break to find balance but in the end it is up to me to change my path, take control of my thoughts and behaviour and to change my thinking and approach going forward.

شويه وهطق من كل حاجه عينيا بقت تشوفها عاديه من كتر ماعدت عليا ومعاها إتعاملت
شويه وهطق من كلامى ومن سكاتى والروتين إللى فحياتى وحياه بتتعاد يومياتى ومنها خلاص زهقت

Going off the grid
Need a little space from this hell I find myself in
Sick of all the stress
So over this
Need a little unwinding

This time is it
Need to change the way my brain is handlings things
My life, my lane
What makes me gain

شويه وهطق منى وماللى فيا وناس كتير حواليا وشوشهم هى هى
وكلام نفس الكلام
شويه وهطق من يوم بيروح ويجى مفيش تغيير بيجى
وعلى مالفصله تيجى بسيب الناس وأنام






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